Sado Island: OniDaiko footage

I am so eager to share my first-time efforts as a videographer!  Although it’s a steep learning curve, I’ve decided to take advantage of my interest in sound, movement, textures, transitions, spaces, and relationships as points of departure for this edit … This video documentation focuses on 2 very intense days on Sado Island in April this year. So please remember that while some of the images are not prime, I hope that the intensity and playfulness of that experience will come through.  The drumming is intriguing.  But even more, are the people of Sado Island.  With the help of my friend Hisako Horikawa, I was able to explore places I never would have been able to on my own.  I hope to continue working on this video, or at the very least, this process is giving me valuable learning skills for my next one…

Thank you so much, to the people of Sadogashima, for your dedication to your traditions, for your intensity, joy, playfulness and generosity.  I dedicate this to you, and I look forward to returning some day. Until then, drum and dance on! And may the Oni bite you and bring you all the Best of Luck for this year!

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