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Jane’s manual, The Vocalization of the Flute is a step-by-step instructional guide on how to sing and play simultaneously. This manual contains original etudes, short pieces, and easy exercises that use the voice/flute combination to master intonation, projection, flexibility, and technique. This manual is great for any skill lever of the flute who wants more agility of the embouchure, to develop intonation and build creativity skills. It is also helpful to composers who are interested in the various notations and timbral and textural ways the voice can be combined with flute playing.
The manual itself is $15 + shipping.

To purchase the score of the solo flute piece InterPresence, please contact Jane directly.

Red and Two Seaming, Arboreous Incantations, within the fata morgana, the calling are available from Jane.

Rarefactions: is available on Neuma Records, iTunes or directly from Jane Rigler

Mandorla 2 (2002/2016) by Jane Rigler, flutes and Agustí Fernández, piano) is an extraordinary album, full of subtle nuance, space, imagination, and tenderness. It is available:

Recent work (2017) with Thollem (keyboards/electronics), Bob Marsh (cell0/voice). Also available for purchase:
Thollem’s Traveling Sessions Series:

RAD: Rigler, Arias, Drury: