photo by © Clay Bowen 2021


I invite you to discover the Deep Listening® community that I am cultivating world-wide. My work envelops inner worlds, dreams, nature and community through sound and multi-dimensional listening. My life has been about playing the flute and becoming a “specialist” of contemporary music. I am also fascinated with ancient sounds of our ancestors.

It seemed impossible to sing while playing the flute, yet learning complex contemporary scores led me to listen to ancient traditions. Once I could sing and play, my experiments in sound blossomed into compositions…which then pulled me to dream about lands I’d never been to. Eventually my travels gave me opportunities to improvise with artists from around the world and then…The imagined became reality.

Through my Deep Listening® practice, I am gradually collecting and uniting a global community of listeners and dreamers, through in-person and online facilitation sessions. My work as an Associate Professor of interdisciplinary music at Colorado University at Colorado Springs is the hub of my research for building a creative collective of listeners. This website shares my life work, my ideas and my explorations. This constant in-progress experiment is evolving and transforming and I deeply appreciate your participation in this process.

I am listening. Join me.


MOVEMENTS (a mini-blog)

As part of my expanding community artistic practice, starting in the Summer of 2022, I’ll be offering small group (and private) Deep Listening© 4-part sessions. “Deep Listening Presence” will be geared to developing a practice of attentiveness through contemplative exercises, the implementation of movement studies and playful activities that encourage sounding, play and creativity. Recently I have been exploring how trauma experts (like Steve Hoskinson’s Organic Intelligence) are using orienting techniques (i.e. connecting to the external environment) that allow the body to respond to the present moment can lead to developing self-regulating skills. It has been known for some time that Deep Listening© practices resemble many ancient Buddhist practices. Now, it is becoming clear that both of these practices (some may call them ‘mindfulness’ trainings) also are being used more frequently by therapists who are proving that actively engaging in simple acts of observation,  communing and/or developing connections (with other people, animals, nature, or even objects) can improve one’s quality of mind and well-being. For this reason, and many others, my Deep Listening© practice is strengthening and expanding. Please see my Deep Listening page for more information on how to sign up for private (individual and group) sessions. 

©Jane Rigler