All the more my thoughts multiply

all the more my thoughts multiply is a “mono-drama” for flute, electroacoustic multi-channel sound and live video based on one of the chapters of Shikibu Murasaki’s voluminous The Tale of Genji (11th C.) and involves the inner lives and complicated relationships between several characters. Murasaki, the first author, ever — and, a woman — of a psychological novel, earnestly wrote about her own confined yet complicated society. I combined the story with the Noh play Aoi-no-ue (14th C. attributed to Zeami) which takes place after the main character has possessed and killed one of the wives of Genji.  This video shows excerpted parts from the performance at The CubeFest2017 held at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia. In this performance there were over 140 distinct speakers over three stories high. In this work, I utilized my research of Noh walking and Butoh movement and dance) as well as my interest in performance as ritual, combining simple movements with complex technologies. My work searches for ways to connect ancient stories with contemporary narratives.