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Jane is an avid collaborator and enjoys performing and expanding her repertoire with artists all over the world. Over the years, her artistic aesthetic explores ‘sound as being’ rather than narrative music. Feel free to explore some of her work over the years…

Jane Rigler & Nathan Wheeler - Inflorescence

Inflorescence, Jane Rigler & Nathan Wheeler, Dasa Records (2023)

ElectroResonance, Curtis Bahn, Thomas Ciufo, Jane Rigler, Neuma Records (2021)
Also available on Bandcamp
“Ils sont lumières virevoltantes, trépidations, grondements, kaléidoscope géant halluciné…” ~Inactuelles

Barbedwire – 37 graphic scores for trio, Philip Greenlief, Creative Sources Recordings (2020)

Sonic Constructions, Curtis Bahn, Thomas Ciufo with Steven Gorn and Jane Rigler pfMentum (2016)

Rarefactions: compositions via improvisations with Janet Feder, Shoko Nagai, and Satoshi Takeishi, Neuma Records, (2015)
“All of the pieces reflect flautist/composer Jane Rigler’s interest in the rarefied, individual sound properties of music at an elemental level, where the basic building blocks of material, gesture, timbre and density can be foregrounded and formed into independent structures of—often quite literally—breathtaking subtlety.”

Mandorla 2, Agustí Fernández & Jane Rigler, BruitCollage (2014)
“This is a fine opportunity to experience extended flute and piano sounds performed with beautiful concentration and clarity. The performers complement each other magically.” —Pauline Oliveros
“Expressive improvisation meets a more sonically static environs, where sound objects of contemplation are blended with sonic actions.” ~Miya Masaoka

i need no words, Linda Dusman (performing her work An Insubstantial Territory with Lisa Cella), Neuma Records (2013)

Les Exercices Spirituels, George Lewis (performing his ensemble work Hello Mary Lou), Tzadik (2011)

Flue, John Fonville (performing his work Spinage for two quarter tone flutes), Einstein Records (2010)

Six Lines Of Transformation, Andrew Raffo Dewar, Porter Records (2008)

Mandorla, Agustí Fernández & Jane Rigler, DewDrop Recordings (2002)