Recent Work

Feel free to peruse my soundcloud page to listen to my most recent pieces from 2022!

My buddy, the flute. That fancy silver tube made up of key, pads, wires, pegs and rods has been loyally by my side since I was 11 years old. Its shimmery, graceful and agile sound, had me mesmerized from the first time I heard it. After 10 years of working relentlessly to master it, I came across other ways to play the flute. On the radio I accidentally heard Eric Dolphy on Other Aspects, later, attending in a concert I was introduced to the shakuhachi…in my Masters program, I heard a recording of the Aka Pygmies, and eventually, my curiosity exploded. I realized the enormity of the instrument and I wanted more. Through my work with interpreting complex contemporary music and playing with improvisers around the world, listening to so many different viewpoints of how music can be played and expressed, I began to explore my own voice. Now, I continue to investigate not only what the flute can do, but what I can do with it, my voice, electronics, and the relationship between sound, space, bodies, the environment and with others.

Join me on a sonic walk through Ireland. This is my talk “Audiating Éire: sonifying my Irish dreams” given at UCCS in 2021.