EcoSono Institute: listening to the world

I find myself in another life-altering experience…none others before quite like this one. What would happen if you listened to the Earth, with microphones that could withstand frequencies that are beyond the capacity of human hearing? What if you could listen to the depths of a glacier, the songs of whales, the air, the water, the wind, the land all simultaneously? What if you were so quiet, so receptive that you could hear more than you’ve every heard? In what ways would that change you? In what ways could you hear the world around you differently? How would this new way of listening become manifested in your everyday life? What actions would you take to show your fellow human beings that listening this deeply could benefit the greater good?

What happens when you are transformed like this?

I’m not sure yet, because the transformation is still taking place.

But something is definitely evolving.  In a matter of ONE day, suddenly I hear sounds differently.  This is what seems to be happening. In the mountain, off in the distance, I see the shape of a fish.  In the depths of a glacier, I hear the sound of the whale songs. In the movement of the seaweed, I hear the wind around me.

Listening to the world

I’m not sure what all this means…but the first thing that comes to mind is the Buddhist tradition, where everything is contained in everything else: the interconnectedness of us all with all that is around us: the world, the cosmos, the tiny little ant walking by, to the paper cup on this table.

Somehow, I will find a way to show you…something…of this transformation…

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