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Siúil a rún (notes, video)

Ō is another word for Ear (notes)


within the fata morgana (notes, score sample)

the calling (of my breath in yours) (notes, score sample)


Arboreous Incantations (notes, score sample)
for three piccolos.


all the more my thoughts multiply (2017) a mono-drama for walking flutist, spatialized live electronics and interactive video. Conceived by Jane Rigler, with the collaboration of composer Elizabeth Hoffman, electronics, Jane Rigler, flute, electronics, choreography, Anna Weisling, video artist, Daniel Neumann, sound diffusion, Rebecca Lustig, costume design. 

Dreaming in its Shadows (2016) for moving piccolo artist. This work, commissioned by Erika Boysen can be seen on this innovative app: Moving Sound

Convexed Origins (2015) for moving flutist (doubling on piccolo and bass flute). This work was inspired by Eiko Otasuke’s work “A Body in Fukushima”

While you sleep (2013). A CD (document) of the sound installation at the Chihan House in Ohito, Japan.

the calling (2012-14). various iterations: for flute and electronics; for voices and flute ensemble with electronics.

InterWeaving Lines for 3 piccolos (2010)

* InterPresence for solo flute, commissioned by the National Flute Association. world premiere at the NFA Convention, Anaheim, CA, August 2010 (published by Falls House Press, 2010–soon to be available by Neuma.

InTouch for moving flutist and interactive electronics, 2009 (Harvestworks AIR)

To painting/a la pintura multidisciplinary work for flute, cello, piano, dancer, images, 2007 (revised for solo version, 2008)

círculo en fuga for 2 flutes and electronics, 2007

Catch the Sun for shakuhachi, voice, string ensemble and electronics, 2006

GISS for flute and electronics, 2005

Traces/Huellas for flute and interactive electronics Harvestworks, Artist Residency Grant, 2004

The Gift for (the Barcelona Municipal) Concert Band, commissioned by the LEM Festival for Experimental Music, 2004

Alba for solo flute, 2004

* Red piccolo, 2001 (published by Neuma Records, 2013)

Fugaz solo flute, 2001

Clearly solo flute, 2001

Sketches for Malia Kae flutes and pre-recorded material, 1999

* Two Seaming… for two flutes, or solo flute and playback, 1998 (published by Neuma 2013)

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