After a few days to collect more sounds, attend a few lectures on ecology and the science of how we and various animals hear, this “space” allows me to absorb some of the magnificence of our boating experiences last week.  People from the area have said that we could go out on the ocean every […]

Hi Everyone, Here is a newsletter from the US Embassy in Tokyo that describes some of my recent in tour in Japan…it really was lovely… Rigler in JPD Highlights 1-13-2012

Here is where I am now, Ohito, just south of Mishima on the Izu Peninsula…and the end of the 2011…going into the year of the Dragon! for now: enjoy the “Elements” of Chihan’an, a house that is over 200 years old…the family heirloom of Nobuko Awaya

From January 20-22,  I’ll be going to the UCSD Alumni Festival, held at the incredible new arts building (as well as other on-campus locations) at the University of California, San Diego.  This is a festival-not-to-be-missed.  I’ll be posting photos and sounds and documenting it as much as possible.  I’ll be performing with my world-class alumni

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Where I’m at

Well, I think the photos may speak for themselves but I arrived teaching at UCCS in the summer and haven’t stopped since.  My full-time instructorship includes teaching Chamber Music Ensemble, Jazz History, 20th C. Music History and co-teaching with Professor Curt Smith an interdisciplinary course called Creativity which rocks… of course! So between the many

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