Within the Land of Éire

Within the Land of Éire
upcoming events and writings about my research and travels
in Ireland and beyond…

Although most performances/events during the Spring of 2020 were cancelled due to the Corona virus lockdown, Jane has  been able to use this time to nurture new collaborations as well as just be quiet and contemplate. Due to her sabbatical and isolation, this time has been spent on reflection and connection…to oneself, to the earth, to dreamworld, to listening, to the body, to others…

Meanwhile, check out the Listening page to explore her latest works.

Cancelled concerts/events:

  • March 18th: with Alessandra Rombolá “la búsqueda y lo perdido” flutes & electronics at Espacio B, Madrid
  • March 20th (4-7pm) and 21st (11am-2pm): Deep Listening Workshop at the Córdoba Contemporary Art Centre, Córdoba, Spain for more info
  • March 22nd: Improvisation Concert with Wade Matthews and Carmen Morales, Roda, Spain
  • March 25th: Improvisation Concert with Wade Matthews, Alessandra Rombolá and John Godfrey, CRUCE Gallery, Madrid, Spain
  • April 3rd: FUIAM lunchtime concert, Aula Maxima at UCC, Cork, Ireland, featuring my works and the Areon Flute ensemble!
  • April 9-19: Cill Rialaing Artist Residency, Co. Kerry, Ireland
  • April 22nd: Deep Listening Workshop, University of Limerick, Department of Music, Ireland: This successfully took place over Zoom!!!

so far, 2020 has been:

  • Jan. 11th: the Guesthouse, Cork, Ireland
  • Feb 7th: Deep Listening workshop at CIT (School of Music), Cork, Ireland
  • Feb. 25th: Hand Made Music concert, Belfast, No. Ireland
  • Feb 28th: Deep Listening Workshop at Queen’s University Belfast, Department of Music, No. Ireland

September-December 2019
University College Cork: Teaching undergraduate MU 2009 “Performing and Composing Experimental Music” class, final performance of original student scores: Dec. 6th, Aula Maxima

Guest Lecturing for the UCC Dept. of Music, Master of Arts courses: Expanded Musical Instrument Systems, Improvisation

Attending Sean-nós lessons with the award-winning master, Máire Ní Chéileachair

FUAIM Lecture 14 Nov. 2019, 11am-12:30pm (free)
UCC Music Building, Sunday Wells Road, O’Riada Hall
Secret Codes of Sounds: the multi-sensorial listening flutist
This interactive lecture-workshop-performance invites the audience to learn and engage directly with Deep Listening® as a compositional and creative interactive experience while also demonstrating how multi-sensorial listening has transformed her own trajectory as a performer/composer/educator.

Guest performer with the Quiet Improv Orchestra of Cork
15 Nov. 2019, 1:10pm (free)

St. Fin Barre’s Cathedral

Solo flute/electronics concert
Thursday lunchtime concert, 12 December 2019,
Harty Room 1:10pm (free)
Queen’s University Belfast
School of Arts, English & Languages

January 11th, 2020
The Guesthouse, Cork, Ireland
Solo and group performances and Deep Listening 7:30pm