Ō is another word for Ear

“Ō is another word for Ear” is a quote from R.A. Stewart Macalister’s 1937 book “The Secret Languages of Ireland” in which he describes the various kinds of cryptic languages, like Ogham, that were spoken and used as hand signals many centuries ago.

My goal is to compose a series of pieces that are inspired by secret codes and cryptology which even today surround us. Some of my work will result in text scores in which all people can participate. Other pieces will be instrumental. This is one part of a live performance, in which I am playing piccolo with/into Ableton Max4Live. This is part of a series of pieces I wish to design for multiple-channel speaker systems so the audience will be immersed in the intimate bilabial, fricative and guttural sounds of the piccolo’s tube. Can another language be heard?