From January 20-22,  I’ll be going to the UCSD Alumni Festival, held at the incredible new arts building (as well as other on-campus locations) at the University of California, San Diego.  This is a festival-not-to-be-missed.  I’ll be posting photos and sounds and documenting it as much as possible.  I’ll be performing with my world-class alumni […]

Where I’m at

Well, I think the photos may speak for themselves but I arrived teaching at UCCS in the summer and haven’t stopped since.  My full-time instructorship includes teaching Chamber Music Ensemble, Jazz History, 20th C. Music History and co-teaching with Professor Curt Smith an interdisciplinary course called Creativity which rocks… of course! So between the many

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Now I find myself in the Appalachian Mountains.  How did that happen?  From ancient Buddhist temples, Oni-demon taiko drums on windy islands and the ruthlessly boisterous Tokyo life, to the mountains of soothing green solitude.  After days of zombitude-jetlag, I am now finding my energy again.  Although the amount of video and audio to upload

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