I am so eager to share my first-time efforts as a videographer!  Although it’s a steep learning curve, I’ve decided to take advantage of my interest in sound, movement, textures, transitions, spaces, and relationships as points of departure for this edit … This video documentation focuses on 2 very intense days on Sado Island in […]

It’s been a cold Spring.  At least the flowers aren’t deterred.  I’m not either.  Many of the flowers in my neighborhood are starting to fall, so in honor of the impermanence of the fragile beauty, I carry my camera everywhere, ready to take a shot of anything that seems even slightly gorgeous… Fortunately for me,

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Instead of a Grand Finale, this last month will be the Grand Beginning.  I will be returning to Japan…eventually. Although future dates are not set yet, I am certain that the seeds I’ve planted will be nourished and with time, the threads will pull me back to this wonderful country and it’s stunning people…  For

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